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Our main focus is aimed on the renting of outstanding commercial properties. Office estates in best locations, retail areas next to highly demanded shopping boulevards and hotels in popular areas. Never mind if you are looking for a floor within a skyscraper in the central financial district or for a charming old building in a green area, for retail areas in walking distance or for a heavenly holiday resort. We want to find the best object for your demand! A great benefit is the superb networking between our positions as well as short and uncomplicated ways of communication that offer perfect access to our real estates.

Please give us the challenge to fulfil your wishes and contact us as soon as possible.



Opportunities for High Potentials

The progress within the last few years is the reason for Real Dream’s further expansion on the international real estate market. Our franchise-system distinguishes itself through a large degree of self-responsibility. License holders get the chance to offer a wide range of excellent objects to their demanding clients.

We support our licence holders to all intents and purposes and offer consulting in questions of economics and also trainings at the Real Dream Estate Business School.

Licence Application Centres

Licensing System

It is not a company that is successful but its employees. We recognised this important point and know that our agents are the foundation of success because they identify objects and interact with clients.
As a part of Real Dream Estates we offer our agents a well connected community, outstanding real estates, individual support, market research and analyses as well as a global network. Come on and be part of our success.


Our Locations

Unser Standort Düsseldorf

Real Dreams Estate Düsseldorf GmbH
Kö-Bogen, Königsallee 2b
D-40212 Düsseldorf
Fon +49 211 960 812 60
Fax +49 211 960 812 79

Unser Standort München

Real Dreams Estate Group AG
Theatinerstr. 11
D-80333 München
Fon +49 89 716 802 580
Fax +49 89 716 802 589

Unser Standort Hamburg

Real Dreams Estate Group AG
Neuer Wall 63
D-20354 Hamburg
Fon +49 40 226163480
Fax +49 40 226163489

Unser Standort Berlin

Real Dreams Estate Group AG
Unter den Linden 21
D-10117 Berlin
Fon +49 30 20 898 877 0
Fax +49 30 20 898 877 9

Unsere Standort Zentrale

Real Dreams Estate Group AG
Vordergasse 3
CH-8201 Schaffhausen
Fon +41 562333733
Fax +41 526333652